There are many places you can turn to for financial advice, but only an independent financial adviser (IFA) is able to offer you unbiased advice on financial products across the entire market. Any other advice route will offer you limited guidance – and whilst this may be all you think you need, experience shows that when the choices are clearly explained, people recognise the value of independent financial advice.

SRU Management are independent financial advisors. This is great for our clients because they can rely on us to assess their needs knowing that we offer truly unbiased advice. We offer a wide range of products and services which are designed to maximise your ability to achieve financial planning success, for both individuals and businesses.


All wealth building strategies rely on investment products. From low risk to high risk, income producing to growth strategies, we’ll work with you to tailor your investment portfolio so that it suits your needs and financial goals.


You may be at the start of your working life or nearing the end. We can help you with your pension planning and investments to make sure you have the retirement you’re dreaming of. If you’ve got multiple pensions with different providers, we can help you move these into one place so they’re easier to manage but more importantly, more effective with your money.


Protection Planning is often greatly misunderstood. Many people instantly think of mortgage protection, life assurance, income protection or critical illness cover, but it’s how these products relate to your situation that matters the most. The main purpose of having suitable protection in place is to safeguard your future and your loved ones, should the worst happen. This involves understanding your personal and business circumstances, and the potential impact of unexpected life changes.

When it comes to effective Protection Planning, we will provide you with a clear pathway using a robust financial planning framework. This minimises the impact of unexpected events on both you and those around you. This may involve a product or simply restructuring the protection you already have in place, but most importantly of all, you will gain a full understanding of any risks that may affect you in the future.

Tax Planning

Our advice incorporates all aspects of tax planning, from the basic building blocks of financial planning such as ISAs and Pensions, through to more complex structures such as Venture Capital Trusts (VCT) and Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS). The mitigation or reduction of inheritance tax liability is also important for many of our clients.

We will help you build and deliver a financial strategy that will help pass assets to your beneficiaries, while giving you maximum control of your assets through your lifetime.

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